Mining Supervision, Somerset

Following a coal mining risk assessment, which indicated the proposed residential development site in Kingswood, Bristol, to potentially be at risk from historical coal mining, a geotechnical investigation was undertaken to ascertain the depth (and thickness) of any historical mine workings.

The geotechnical investigation and updated coal mining risk assessmentindicated that remedial works were required to guarantee the safety of end users and serviceability of the structures, as the shallow depth of the historical workings meant that the site was at risk from crown-hole collapse.

As construction works had already commenced, the only option to avoid the demolition of the newly built houses/ flats was to consolidate the mine workings, to remove the risk of collapse.

Ruddlesden designed the remedial works, which comprised a number of boreholes on a fixed grid surrounding the footprint of the part-constructed building, and appointed a specialist contractor to undertake the grouting. Ruddlesden geotechnical supervised the remedial works throughout and signed off the works on completion.

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