Minerals Resource Assessments, Dorset

Minerals Resource Assessments have been undertaken for three sites in close proximity to each other for the same developer on the outskirts of village near Poole, in Dorset, where minerals resource assessments are commonly required due to the quarrying of sand and gravel deposits.

Ruddlesden geotechnical carried out site-specific desk-based assessments of the superficial and bedrock geology and potential mineral resources, including the study of geological maps and memoirs, historical data, nearby borehole records, site investigation reports and British Geological Survey Mineral Resource Information for Development Plans.

The mineral resource assessments, which were undertaken at the pre-application planning stage, as part of the viability assessment, identified that deposits beneath two of the sites were unlikely to be quarried, whereas further work was required to assess the risks at the third site.

This information was used by the developer to help prioritise the developments.

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