Combined Geotechnical Consultancy Services Provided for Residential Development, Devon

Ruddlesden geotechnical has provided a combination of several geotechnical consultancy services for a large and on-going residential development site in Torbay.

The geology of clay underlain limestone has resulted in a number of geotechnical hazards, primarily associated with solution features in the limestone, which have had implications on foundations, drainage and excavations.

Using information obtained from a combination of geophysics, trial pits, dynamic sampling/ windowless sample boreholes and rotary boreholes, foundation recommendations have locally included reinforcement and widening to reduce ground bearing pressures. Deep bore soakaways have been recommended to avoid the potential wash-out of near surface soils, which might be caused by conventional soakaways in these ground conditions.

In addition, terracing of a slope in part of the site generated significant quantities of soil. Rather than disposing of this at landfill, a material re-use suitability assessment was undertaken, which allowed an earthworks specification to be produced, which itself enabled ground levels to be raised on another area of the site, reducing the need to mechanically break-out near-surface bedrock for excavations.

  • AGS
  • Constructionline
  • CSCS
  • SMAS
  • ECFC trust