Solution Feature Investigation and Assessment

The dissolution of soluble rocks, including limestone, gypsum and chalk, can result in subsurface voids, commonly referred to as a ‘sinkhole’, which might affect foundations and other infrastructure.

A desk-based soluble rock risk assessment, in accordance with Edmonds (2001) and/ or CIRIA C574, is often initially carried out, particularly prior to new development.

This may then be supplemented with geophysics, trial trenches and/ or rotary boreholes.

Our report would typically include recommendations for the design of foundations, roads and/ or drainage, together with any remedial/ ground improvement works that may be required.

Case Study

Solution Feature Investigation, Brixham

A solution feature investigation and assessment was undertaken by Ruddlesden geotechnical at the site of a proposed residential development in Brixham. The consulting eng...

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