Geotechnical Assessment Trowbridge
Relative Risk of Mining Subsidence

Phase 1 Geotechnical Assessment

Desk studies and walkover surveys can provide a valuable insight into the likely ground conditions beneath a site at relatively little cost.

Using a combination of historical and geological information, combined with aerial imagery, internet-based research and other data sources, a ground model can be produced to identify geotechnical risks, to guide/ target the next phases of investigations and/ or to provide early indicators of ground-related development costs/ constraints.

Preliminary Sources Study Reports in accordance with HD 22/08 are specifically produced for highways infrastructure projects.

Case Study

Pre-Purchase Phase 1 Geotechnical Assessment Provides Cost-Effective Information

Ruddlesden geotechnical were commissioned to undertake a Phase 1 Geotechnical Assessment on behalf of a national housebuilder at an existing golf course in Dorset. Follow...

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