Foul Drainage

Ruddlesden geotechnical provides advice on the suitability of the ground for foul drainage systems.

Recommendations are provided in accordance with Building Regulations Approved Document H and Environment Agency guidance, based on the percolation values and distance to potential receptors.

If the results of in-situ testing indiacte that percolation value is too high, there might be insufficient dilution between the site and any controlled waters (streams, groundwater, abstraction wells etc.); if the percolation value is too low, ponding of septic effluent on the surface might occur due to inefficient soakage.

Case Study

Successful Foul Drainage Tests Facilitate Residential Development in Devon

It was proposed to construct a foul water drainage field at a proposed residential development site in South Devon. Ruddlesden geotechnical undertook in-situ percolation ...

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