Cliff Stability Assessment

Cliff stability assessments might be undertaken prior to purchase, e.g. for a coastal property, on top of a cliff, or prior to development, e.g. for a development in an old quarry.

Cliff stability assessments might solely comprise a desk study and walkover survey, to identify the most likely mechanisms of failure.

This might be supplemented with an intrusive (borehole) investigation and/ or rope access work, to allow kinematic analyses to be undertaken.

If necessary, stabilisation recommendations are provided, which might include rock bolts, netting, de-scaling, monitoring and/ or maintenance.

Cliff stability assessments are also often required for conveyancing purposes.

Case Study

Cliff Stability Assessment, Dorset

There was a stability risk at a cliff-top site on the Isle of Portland, as indicated by a Phase 1 Geotechnical Assessment, previously undertaken by Ruddlesden geotechnica...

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