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Radon Reports and Assessments

Carried out as part of a ground gas assessment and/ or foundation recommendations, radon reports are undertaken in accordance BRE Report BR 211 "Radon: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Buildings".

Depending on a site's location, related to the underlying geology, and the number of homes that are above the Radon Action Level, full, basic or no radon protective measures are required.

Case Study

Radon Protection General Requirements

Although outside the scope of services usually provided, Ruddlesden geotechnical were able to help with a recent enquiry from a private individual.

Whilst the details would need to be designed by a suitably qualified engineer, Ruddlesden were able to confirm the general principles of radon protection ground floor slab construction, with reference to BRE 211 (2015): Radon: Guidance on Protective Measures for New Buildings.

All staff are very familiar with this document as, given the company’s location in southwest England, where elevated levels of naturally occurring radon are commonly present, due the underlying geology, almost all geotechnical and contamination reportsinclude a radon assessment.

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