RGIS is now complete!

10 Apr 2019

Our GIS database, which we have called RGIS (can you see what we did there?!), is now complete!

It is a record of all of the sites that we have investigated, totalling thousands of locations, with tens of thousands of exploratory holes and laboratory test data sets. It is amazing how many times we have already investigated the neighbouring site, or even the site itself!

It has principally been set up so that it is no longer just me who can remember the locations of previous sites and the findings. Now, all employees of #Ruddlesden geotechnical can identify if we have worked nearby previously, and see what we found there.

This information is invaluable at the all stages of a geotechnical and contamination investigation, from quoting, to desk study/ conceptual model, through to analysis.

This information has also proven to be beneficial for some of our longer standing clients and associates, in that we can provide them with an early indication on expected ground conditions, including anticipated engineering performance.

RGIS is now complete!
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  • Constructionline
  • CSCS
  • SMAS
  • ECFC trust