Ruddlesden geotechnical

Supervision of Contamination Remedial Work

Supervision of contamination remedial works is normally necessary where fuel tank or contamination 'hot spot' removal is required.

Representative soil and groundwater samples will be taken and tested, sometimes supplemented with in-situ testing, to demonstrate that no unacceptable levels of contamination remain in the ground (and that no soil is unnecessarily removed/ treated).

Groundwater quality monitoring might also be undertaken to demonstrate that the remedial measures have improved groundwater quality.

Case Study

Supervision of Contamination Remediation of Former Petrol Filling Station

Ruddlesden geotechnical recently supervised the contamination remediation works for residential development of a former petrol filling station site in Exeter.

Case Study

Geophysics Provides Site-Wide Ground Profile Information, Devon

Near-surface geophysics, comprising ground penetrating radar (GPR) and resistivity, was used to identify the presence, geometry and depth of limestone solution features at a proposed residential development.