Ruddlesden geotechnical

Phase 1 Contamination Assessments

Phase 1 Contamination Assessments comprise a desk study and walkover survey. These are core services provided by Ruddlesden geotechnical and form the fundamental and underpinning part of all contamination assessments.

Based on a combination of the desk study, including historical, environmental and geological information, and walkover survey information, a conceptual site model (CSM) is produced, identifying the likely contamination source-pathway-receptor linkages.

Depending on the findings of the preliminary/ Phase 1 contamination risk assessment, no further action or remedial measures might be necessary, or a Phase 2 (intrusive) investigation might be recommended to identify which of the contamination source source-pathway-receptor linkages exist and whether any remedial measures are required.

Case Study

Pre-Purchase Phase 1 Contamination Assessment

Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment for the proposed redevelopment of a brownfield site in Devon, as part of the pre-purchase appraisal for the construction of a new supermarket.

Case Study

BRE 470 Platform Design, Paignton

A significant thickness of made ground and underlying soft clay soils were encountered during a geotechnical investigation, necessitating the use of piled foundations for a proposed residential development site in Paignton. To facilitate the piling works, a working platform was required.