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Contamination Remediation Strategies and Method Statements

If the contamination risk assessments show that remedial measures are required to protect human health and/ or controlled waters, a contamination remediation strategy/ contamination remediation method statement is produced.

Often required to satisfy a planning condition, this is a standalone document that clearly details all of the contamination remediation recommendations, together with the validation testing requirements, any long-term monitoring and actions to be taken if unexpected contamination is identified.

Remedial measures will commonly include source removal and/ or a barrier system (e.g. capping of gardens/ covering of hardstanding), but might include in-situ treatment or the use of an off-site soil remediation hub.


Case Study

Contamination Remediation Strategy Outlines Requirements for Residential Development

In order to satisfy a planning and NHBC land quality conditions, Ruddlesden produced a contamination remediation method statement...

Case Study

Temporary Works Excavation Stability Assessment, North Devon

It was proposed to construct a retaining wall as part of the proposed redevelopment of a residential site in north Devon.