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Ruddlesden geotechnical Site Photograph of the Year!

5th January 2018 9:25am by

As a bit of fun that is taken quite seriously, Ruddlesden geotehcnical have an in-house competition for the best photograph taken during the year.

The judges' decisions are often controversial, but the prize - the photograph framed on the wall - is always hotly contested! This year was no exception.

In third place was Simon, with the exit to an underground quarry, beneath a site in Bradford-on-Avon.

The runner-up, and the people's choice as the winner, was Tony, with an artistic shot taken from inside the burnt-out Royal Clarence Hotel, in Exeter.

And the winner, joining a select few double winners, was Catherine, with a colourful photograph at Newquay Skatepark.

The competition has already commenced in 2018, with a couple of competitors, in particular, determined to have their picture on the wall!